Stepping Stone Training
Preparing your employees so they can perform at their best in times of need.


First Aid training: Pick the Course that fits your needs

  • Standard Level First Aid, CPR, and AED - Basic First Aid for all occasions. General information on how to care for accidents around the office, home, and community. CPR and AED can be incorporated into this class at no additional fee. (additional cost for separate CPR card if required)
  • Advanced Level First Aid, CPR, and AED - Two steps beyond the basics of the Standard First Aid course. CPR and AED can also be included in this course at no additional fee.
  • First Responder - Two steps beyond the Advanced First Aid course. This is a more indepth study of anatomy, injury and emergency care in the pre-hospital environment. Includes Professional Rescuer CPR.
  • Professional Rescuer CPR - Two man CPR techniques and advanced rescuer techniques.
  • CPR Only (Lay person Adult, Child, Infant) - Course covering only the basic level CPR techniques. This course is the equivalent of current Red Cross and American Heart Association training content.
  • Automated External Defibrillator - IF your office has AEDs on premisis or you are in areas where they are available, you need to have this training to ensure that you are prepared to make use of this device in an emergency.
  • First Aid Only - Basic First Aid is a quick course not involving any CPR or AED training time.
  • Wilderness First Aid - If ou travel into the back country or you are more than 1 hour from a hospital or other definitive care facilities. This course material is between the Basic and Advanced First Aid but focuses on Extended Care of the patient. Advanced information gathering and techniques that are necessary to care for paitents over a period of hours to days.
  • Bloodborne Pathogens - Learn about the little things that could be in that blood and how to clean up and properly dispose of blood contaminated items.
  • Pediatric First Aid - Specifically care for the little-ones. Important fr Day Care facilities.
  • Traumatic Wound Care - Basic steps to care for traumatic injury. The things that you need to do for yourself and for your patient so you both make it through. This is suggested as an add-on course to the Standard, Advanced or Wilderness First Aid.
  • First Aid Merit Badge (BSA required badge) - Boy Scouts working on their First Aid Merit Badges qualify for this course. This material will cover the BSA First Aid merit badge only.


The Breakdown:
To best protect your employees.
100% of your staff must know the plan.
70% Must be CPR Trained in adult and pediatric CPR.
50% Should be First Aid trained to the ECSI Standard level.

60% of your shop workers must be First Aid trained to provide the best service possible.

Do all your employees know how to use the tools in your office First Aid kit?
Is the kit complete?

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As a responsible manager or company
executive it is your duty to ensure your employees are prepared.

Are 90% of your staff prepared to come to the aid of their coworkers or one of their family members in a medical crisis?

Calling 911 is not enough! You must be prepared.